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Flying Officer Eric Weldon Brown  #J24772 RCAF Pilot
Sergeant Harry Brown RAF Flight Engineer( FE )
Flying Officer HR WELLER RCAF Navigator
Flying Officer VW McCreight RCAF Bomb Aimer( bomber )
Flight Sergeant GN JOHNSTON RCAF Wireless Operator Air Gunner
Sergeant MS LINDSAY RCAF Mid-Upper Gunner
Sergeant HJ BRANCH RCAF Rear Gunner


Brown F/O  ( Eric Weldon Brown )  #J24772  

My father was Eric W. Brown F/O J24772 and he piloted the Halifax “Bombing Yokum” which was shot down June 28th, 1944 over Reims in France…   I may have photos…we did a reconstruction of the logo for T-shirts for my Dad on one of his anniversaries… using his instructions it turned out quite well…. we then also had it added onto a large painting of a Halifax… which now hangs in my nephew's living room

Very cool to find the 424 squadron site, I am the grandson of a survivor. I'd love to make a small donation as would the rest of the family. I imagine it must be a huge undertaking, in terms of data entry. Well done on the effort so far. I'm sure my Grandmother who is 90 now will have quite a few pictures of the 424. I will include/attach something I found today. It is a updated image of a Halifax the my Aunt has added a image of my Grandfathers insigna, I'm not sure what their called, you will know.
My Grandfather was Flying Officer Eric ,…, Brown I googled the "Bombing Yokum" and hear I am. I'll look forward to your reply. ID # LV910 Kited QB-Y
I'm even more excited to tell the family about it, his daughter who made the picture has a good understanding of the details. Let us know how we can help.

Re: Elizabeth Brown -  Moms Audio with CBC
Eric W. Brown F/O J24772  - pilot of the Halifax “Bombing Yokum” - shot down June 28th, 1944 over Reims, France

It is up now.. To hear  CBC Podcast go to....

Remembrance Day 2012
We had a great day today... Met up with Aunt -Lynn Brown and Grandson Jess and his wife Leanne in Sechelt’s town memorial site... The rain held off and Jess walked Granny to place Dad’s wreath...  After the ceremony we all went up to the Legion and had sandwiches and drinks,  there were fiddlers playing great tunes and then a couple singing old songs and getting the crowd going...lots of fun... Mom met a really lovely British couple and they chatted about lots of memories... Then exchanged phone numbers etc and they are coming for coffee this Friday... So it was great!!  Lots of people welcomed her and made a point of saying how they liked her talk etc....